Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shot in the dark?

OK, we will wait and see what happens!

Maybe it's a little silly but I watched the Tyra show today and when it was done it had the website addy so I went on there to take a look. And emailed them my story about having PV and everything that happened last year! I wonder if anything will come of it or not. Maybe this will be a way to get more people aware of this condition, and then again, maybe not. We will see!

Anyways I have started the new years resolutions off early this time around, while not making a resolution per say, I hopped on the bike today and put in a half hour at a high speed and felt great afterwards. I want to do lots more of those bike rides in the near future, starting today, and be healthy so J and I can hopefully have a happy, healthy baby this time next year!

Bye for now!

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