Friday, March 26, 2010

12 Weeks - Heard Baby's Heartbeat Today!

Today was a special day. Finally we are at that 12 week point where any worries can really be left behind and the next 28 weeks can be enjoyed. And believe me, they will be!

I did have a mixed day today, because I had to go in and get a phlebotomy done again, which I knew would happen because of how heavy and sluggish I've been feeling these last few days. It really did make me feel better, when we finally got it done! Went in at 2pm, right as 2 ambulances showed up and I got pushed back til sometime between 3-4. So I went and visited mom and went back at 3:30. Of course a nurse tells me, Well if you had been here 5 minutes ago we would have got you in but you weren't here so we went on to the next person. So I sat for another half hour and mom showed up and finally we got into the 'cast room' where they had just finished cutting off 2 casts from 2 different people, the room smelled like cast shavings and there were crumbs of it on the cot so that was a little gross. Anyways finally the nurse got in to see me and we started trying to get an IV going into my hand. After 2 failed attempts the Dr. was called in and he had to try twice before getting it in too! And finally they got the big needle into my inner elbow and we got started. They ran 250ml of saline into the vein in my hand first to hydrate me, the took the 500ml of blood out, then put another 125ml of saline in. I was glad they did it that way because I was not lightheaded or anything afterwards, I felt great! Did feel a bit like a pincushion though because of the 5 or 6 separate pokes I'd gotten.

And the best part of the 5 hour hospital visit was that the Dr. came in and squirted some cold gel on my belly and looked for the baby's heartbeat! It took a while and we weren't sure if we would find it, but after looking around my pelvis area and then going up a little higher to just below my belly button, he found it! We listened to mine and the baby's heartbeats going together, mine was slower and baby's was fast, and it was so neat to just hear it and know that our little one is doing well in there! Mom, J and I got to hear it and it was awesome. And after that long, long day in the hospital, Mom took us out for supper before we headed home. What a day!

Monday, March 22, 2010

11 Weeks, 3 Days - Looking Forward to Fitting my Mat Clothes!

First off, I still haven't taken any belly pictures, or one of my lovely bruise which is finally starting to fade. This week I have got to get on that, I will be 3 months and need to establish my 'starting point'! Dad took me shopping on the weekend for mat clothes however it was Sunday and not many places were open, and very very few sold any mat clothes to begin with. I did find two shirts and a pair of pants from Value Village that I really like and plan to put on tomorrow, when they are nice and clean and cozy! I haven't really 'popped' a belly just yet, but it is definitely beginning to show a little bit, especially after a meal or big glass of OJ! It is nice to feel it and think, that's my baby in there! I can't wait to see the little bug at the next ultrasound! Unfortunately, that has been pushed back two weeks. Instead of going in on April 1st, it will be the 15th. I will be almost 15 weeks then, and will probably be surprised at how big the little one has gotten since the last one! I'm disappointed to have to wait but still glad it's less than a month away.

In other news, I got my butt down to the Adult Ed center today to get a hand in starting my ECE course. It looks like I just have to send in my $50 application fee, my highschool transcript, and the form that has the name of the first 6-credit course entered, and hopefully by May I will have started down that road of getting that certification! Woo hoo! Fortunately I just take a single course at a time, pay for them as I go, and get 4-6 months to complete each one. I am hoping to finish 1 or 2 by the time baby gets here! After that, well I'm sure they will take me a little longer to complete! I am really looking forward to getting it all started though and can't wait to get that first course in the mail!

Anyways I can't think of much else, and had better get started making supper, it's almost 8pm and J's starving! Haha!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

10 Weeks, 5 Days - Feeling Great But Moody!

I can't believe I haven't come on here in 2 weeks! Seems like sometimes time is dragging on so slowly it takes forever for the next week to arrive, and other times it has gone by so fast... And I have yet to put up any tummy pics! (Or take any for that matter!)

Yes, I have been pretty short-tempered lately. I was thinking of coming on here last night to leave a nice rant about the awful needle I had given myself earlier, but figured I was in too poor a mood to do it. It was a bad shot. I tried a spot on the right, a few inches to the side of my belly button, which is a little further away than I normally like to inject it. But it was a nice unpoked patch of skin, so I figured it should work fine. It hurt like heck the whole time but I ignored it and finished up. Then a bit later I was scrubbing up in the shower and looked down because I felt a bump where the needle had gone in, and what do I see? A massive, angry looking black-purple bruise that was swollen and puffy and about 3 inches all around! Ouch! So I'm going to keep giving my shots a little closer to the belly button now. I'll get a picture of my lovely bruise before it fades, the swelling has gone away but it still hurts to touch. I hope I don't get too many more of those...

On the good side of things I'm feeling even better than before, absolutely not sick or nauseus for about a week now, and had a nice lunch today with Mom, Gramma and my Aunty. We chatted about lots of things and I was pleased to find out they want to get me the crib from Sears I picked out! YaY! We will be placing the order sometime next month after the next appointment and ultrasound. I can't wait because by then I'll be out of the first trimester already, and hopefully start getting more of a baby belly! I haven't gained any weight yet but it has started popping out slightly. I will need to get some better fitting clothes soon!

Anyhow can't think of much else from the last couple weeks. Went and picked up God of War 3 today, which is pretty SWEET! Hence the reason I am up typing this at nearly 2am. So goodnight world! I will get those pics up before another 2 weeks passes me by!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

8 Weeks, 5 Days - Our Little One Will Have a Little Cousin!

I am so excited about this! We have been talking with J's sister in law the last couple weeks, and found out they started 'trying' just a few weeks after we did. Of course being that she and I are just a couple months apart in age, live a few blocks apart, and get along like gold, I was really hoping it would happen as quickly for them as it did for us, and have been anxiously awaiting her taking the test! Now I don't know how she held off but she could have tested about a week or more ago, but wanted to wait til her mom was in town visiting. So today was the day and she finally phoned and told us what we had already suspected: She's expecting, too! She is a few weeks behind me and will likely have her baby at the end of October or beginning of November. Her first U/S is on Friday already, and hopefully she will get the date confirmed then! Either way, I am super excited to go through this with her, and our little baby will have a little cousin close in age to grow up with and love!!! I can't wait, and am getting more and more excited for all this by the day!