Friday, February 26, 2010

Adjusted Date - 8 Weeks Today!

So I finally got my long-awaited appointment yesterday morning! It was pretty basic, check in, wait an hour, finally they called my name, I got weighed, spent some time answering questions on J and my and our family medical history, got poked and prodded and stripped from the waist down (Oh joy!), and then sat on the table with a sheet on me and waited for the doctor to get in. She came in wheeling a monitor and it was time for the ultrasound! Now because of how early I am, it was not really possible to do a normal ultrasound, so I found out just how an internal ultrasound it done! I didn't care though, because right away the little baby showed up on the screen and we got to see it with the little heart beating, and it looked perfect! I was amazed at how clear the image was, it looked teriffic and exactly like the 8-week pics I've seen online before. It was just so incredible to see the little one there, just doing its thing inside my tummy with us all watching! I could see J's excitement just explode as he watched our little baby's heart beating strong and steady. It makes me so happy just to watch his face as he saw the baby for the first time. I know it probably didn't make a huge difference before just because I was the only one feeling any symptoms and he was kind of out of the loop, but yesterday he was right there with me experiencing seeing it for the very first time, and it was wonderful.

You can see the head on the right, it is on its back facing up and the head takes up most of what you can see of the baby! The feet are on the left kind of curled up. The image on the screen was much clearer, and the little heart was just beating away. The doctor measured the baby at 7 weeks, 6 days which was a day ahead of my calculations. So today instead of being 7w6d, I am 8w! We go back again on April 1 for another appointment and hopefully get another picture of our little baby!

Anyways after that most exciting part of the whole appointment, I had to pee in a cup and then we went home. I've been excitedly showing everyone who already knows we're expecting this picture, and we plan to really announce it to everyone else after the April 1st appointment. I can hardly wait! Great, another long wait! I think this one will just drag on and on for the next 5 weeks till I can see baby again!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

7 Weeks - Getting Impatient!

Well I am getting super eager for my appointment on the 25th. I think this will be a looooonnnnnng 5 days... Fortunately it's the weekend, time should go by quickly tomorrow, we leave Wednesday night, and then it's smooth sailing till Thursday morning! Right?!? Arggghhh!!!

On another note, I had to get blood taken out again yesterday. Just 2 weeks after the last time. So we went in and got hooked up and just poking the needle in made a bloody mess on and under my arm. That was gross! It was coming out fast, so fast actually that the nurse went out for a few minutes but J called her back in her pretty much immediately after she left, because the bag was full to bursting already! So I got in and out of the hospital within a half hour, a new record. However that wasn't the end of my hospital visit yesterday. We went to pick up something to drink on the drive home, and in the store my head spun and I nearly passed out! J took me back to the hospital room and I laid down for another hour or so, waiting to feel better and for the Dr. to check me over before we went home. He came in munching on a burger for lunch that smelled super tasty, and asked me a couple questions before leaving to finish his lunch and then return to check my reflexes and ears/eyes etc. What a doctor! I am lucky to have him though, he really is the best around and the most comfortable doc to be around. Anyways he asked how far along I was, 6 weeks 6 days, and was disappointed we didn't get to hear the heartbeat while I was in anyways. He said, no matter how awful I was feeling, hearing the heartbeat would have made it all better! It's too bad that will have to wait til another time! Well, here's hoping we will either see or hear this little one next week!

I really hope I don't continue to need blood taken out so often, it's not fun to have the huge needle stuck into my arm again before it's healed from the last time. And I don't think me nearly passing out again can be good for the baby... after that happened, all I wanted to do was sleep and I had a terrible headache! Well, we will see what the next blood test says in 2 more weeks! Until then I know I'll be antsy until Thursday, after which I will probably figure out another day to become impatient for!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

5 Weeks, 4 Days - I Made a New Best Friend!

So starting yesterday and getting worse today, I have officially made friends with the toilet. Not for morning sickness reasons, yet at least, but for pee breaks! I wasn't counting yesterday but was sure I went around 10-12 times all day long, and today I've been counting and it has been 6 times in the 6 hours since I got up! I have still been drinking the 2-3 litres of water I'm used to so I am sure it only gets worse from here on out. At least I can sleep through most of the night so far!

I suppose I made another new best friend today: The fridge! I have been very hungry lately! I had breakfast when I was hungry around 11am. A big bowl of Special K Vanilla with a yogurt poured overtop and some nice cold milk. Then J had his lunch break at 1pm, by which time I was hungry again. So I had 2 servings of mac&cheese, felt full, and now it is ten minutes past 2 and I am starving! I literally just finished lunch half an hour ago and I'm planning to raid the fridge again. Hopefully some yummy grapes and a nectarine will do... LOL! Also two nights ago I had my first mild craving: Beef jerky! I wanted some so bad but it was 10pm and no place was open to get some from. So I got it yesterday but the craving wasn't really there anymore. Ah well, I suppose I'll have to try to get my cravings sorted out by 7pm so we can get to the store to get my fix!

All else is going great, I'm getting used to the injections and I don't hesitate and just get the job done, and it doesn't hurt much anymore, not really even burning afterwards unless I move around too much. I still hope to get out of this without morning sickness, but it's pretty early so it could still sneak up on me! Still have slight stomach cramps but it's off and on rather than constantly. And the tiredness has let up a lot after having blood taken out last week. I still can't wait until my appointment on the 25th! Hopefully I'll get to see an ultrasound or hear the heartbeat or something!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

5 Weeks Today!

So far, so good! I have to start adding some belly pics soon. Although I'm not starting to show yet, I want to have the 'before' pic along with all the big belly ones! No bruises so far from the shots. That's going better than I had expected. I just poke it in, its so small it doesn't hurt or anything, and slowly press the medicine in while counting to 20 or so. The only time it stings is after pulling the needle out and as the med sets in it burns for a few minutes. But that's not too bad as long as I don't move around too much.

I am looking forward to our first appointment on the 25th! Just under 3 weeks from now. I will be just under 8 weeks along! It is so strange how they figure that out. Today I'm considered 5 weeks, but actually the baby was only conceived about 3 weeks ago. They go by the day I got my last period (Jan 2) so it's 2 weeks tacked onto the beginning of it. Anyways nothing much else new, got a stupid head cold that I can't take much for, so I'm living off Halls, water and blowing my nose all the time. Hopefully everything keeps going as well as it has been!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

4 Weeks, 3 Days - Already an Expensive Baby!

So, like the title says, we're just over a month in and already, little baby, you are getting pretty pricey!

Things are going very well. No morning sickness, no cravings, no anything really. Even the cramps and sore boobs are fading. I kind of liked having those because it helped let me know someone was growing in there. Now I've just got to go by my still absent period and sometimes an uncomfortable fullness in my tummy! So much for sleeping on my front. When I've tried to the last week or so it is either too uncomfortable so I turn over, or I actually fall asleep but later wake up on my back! Poor J, I must be tossing and turning all night and he tells me I've been snoring lots lately. At least I haven't been up to pee more than once a night (yet)!

I am switching to injectable blood thinners as of tonight. I will be on Fragmin, once a day til further notice. I am fine with needles so I don't think it will make a difference to inject it myself, we will see how the first one goes tonight.

The thing that hurts worse than the med itself is the cost of the med. Without coverage, it's $1200/month! That makes me feel more sick than the pregnancy so far! Of course, J has 'some' coverage from work. We pay the full cost upfront and get 80% back in 3-4 weeks. But seriously, who has fricking $1200 up front and the time to wait to get back $960, only to drop that plus an extra $240 for the next month again! And then continue doing it until September! Plus his plan has no 'cap' so we would always be paying that extra 20% for as long as I have to take it. This could really be fun. I am sending my application to Pharmacare today and a very nice gal there said she could process it in a day or two for me, but we'd still have to pay whatever the deductible is. I'm not sure how much that will be but I'm assuming that because we made quite a bit last year with J working pipelines, and the year before because we were both working fulltime jobs, it will be a couple thousand on its own. So again, where do we find that couple thousand to pay the damn deductible in the first place??? Well, we will probably get a small loan from the bank. I think that shouldn't be a problem because it's medical necessity. Still though, to go through all of this whwn I'm supposed to start the drugs TODAY, is pretty stressful. And of course, stress isn't good for a little 4 week 3 day old baby growing in my belly.

Well, one way or another, I'll be on that shot tonight. Can't risk letting anything happen to my little bug. Stay tough, little bug! I think you can see how badly Mommy and Daddy want you! Hang in there, it will get easier!