Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hunter's cousin-to-be is a...


Finally today J's younger brother and his wife went for their 3D ultrasound. They had told us that they weren't sure whether they wanted to find out the gender, and that if they did, they likely would keep it to themselves. Fortunately for me, they decided to spill th beans! So I just got off the phone and they're expecting a little girl! The first girl in the family. J's mom had just the 3 boys, and so far J's older brother had 4 boys and we're of course having a boy. So J's mom must be thrilled to finally be getting her first granddaughter! I know they had been 'hoping' for a boy first, to be the big brother and protector of any future siblings, and we had been 'hoping' for a girl first; funny how it ended up being the reverse. Well I'm super happy that we're getting a boy first, I think it will be easier, and I know they're thrilled to get a girl first! She told me a couple weeks ago that if this was a girl, she might not have any more just because this pregnancy has been hard on her. But I think she'll change her mind. After finding out she's got her little princess, I bet all the morning sickness and misery has been worth it!

As for me, Hunter is 29 weeks old today and getting big and strong! I can actually feel his little head pressed up against my right side. It makes my belly bulge a bit on that side, and can get pretty uncomfortable if I sit up or stand for too long. Apparantly he should be about 15 1/2 inches tall and weigh around 2 1/2 lbs already, and I'm feeling it. I can't imagine how huge I'll be in another 2 months. He has to gain like 5 more lbs before coming out and I will be gigantic. Hopefully on the 5th we will find out when to expect to have him out, I'm thinking either the last week of Sept or first week of Oct, which is only 9-10 weeks from now. Really feeling the time crunch now! Fortunately we don't have much to do in preparation for him, just need to pick up a few things like the baby monitor and miscellaneous things like thermometer, baby tylenol, burp cloths, etc. At least we've got the basics covered!

Now I can't wait to see the DVD of the 3D ultrasound this weekend, how exciting! And I will put up some new belly pics as well, it's gotten huge since the last ones I added over a month ago!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

An awesome feature in our new house

So since moving in a few weeks ago we are still getting used to the differences this house has compared to the rental. The best one so far is that the washing machine & dryer in the basement are directly under the main floor bathroom, and so you can hear perfectly if you're in either area. I was downstairs doing some laundry a couple days ago and (thanks, little Hunter!) let out the biggest, loudest fart! I finished loading the dryer and came upstairs, and asked J if he had heard me. He said yeah, clear as anything, because I was just in the bathroom when I did it, right? Nope honey, I was in the basement and you were sitting in the living room and heard the grossest fart clear as day from all the way across the house. Awesome!... Well at least now I know that can happen. Haha!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

27 weeks, 3 days - Busier every day!

So I now realize it's been about a month since my last update... Eeek! Things have been so busy lately the summer is slipping past really quickly! We are now comfortably moved into our new house... Yay! Actually there's more unpacking to be done but that will happen sooner or later. We kept pretty busy painting the bedroom, nursery, and living room, finished up cleaning before moving all our things and furniture in, and I am extremely pleased with how everything turned out. The nursery was the first thing we finished, and now has a Winnie the Pooh bouncer and swing just waiting for Hunter to try them out! We're keeping the baby stuff all in there for now, so I'm glad it is a big room!

Our bedroom was next and we did the walls in a chocolate-ice-cream brown which looks incredible, installed a nice ceiling fan instead of that awful fluorescent light, and our wardrobe and dresser fit nicely (thank goodness)! I was happy that the room is big enough to fit the King bed and still allow us to open the closet door no problem!

The living room looks cozy painted a pink-beige that really warms up the room. I have it set up so our couches square off the living room and I have room behind them for my bike and to do laundry. Bike has been doing well, and getting used. Laundry on the other hand... well it's clean, and why put it away when we'll just need to take it out to wear anyways!?! LOL, kidding. I do need to put those 2 baskets of clean laundry away sometime. Some of it is baby clothes; we need to pick up those small hangers for his closet so we can put them away too.

The bathroom, hallway, and kitchen are things we will work on later on. I'm just glad we were able to get the 3 main rooms done by the time we moved in. The basement looks a lot better now too since we took all of the old scrap wood out and cleaned it up down there, J's weight machine is set up and I can't wait to finish the basement with walls, ceiling, and floors eventually. It feels good to be done with renting and in our own place!

We had some difficulties with the mortgage in the last week of June, because it turns out the bank had it as a 35-year and we had signed and agreed on the 20-year. So it took a few days to sort all of that out, but thankfully June 30 we got everything signed off and finalized under the 20-year agreement and took posession the next day! I'm so happy to be out of the rental, which had actually flooded a couple weeks back because of massive rainfall and the landlord got to deal with that mess. We were already out of the basement and just finishing cleaning upstairs at that point. Done with that, and now it's just J, me, and the baby-to-be in our own little place!

We had gotten tons of rain the last few weeks, it was awful. I had the truck one day and went to pick J up from work in the rain and the streets were filling up fast. I turned down the street to the store and it turns out there was a good 6 inches of rain sitting in the entire street. I just shook my head... arggghhhh... and kept going. I was happy we don't have a car because that would never have made it down the street.

Anyways in other news, baby is doing great! He's getting bigger and I can feel and see it happen. I need to update my tummy pics... it's gotten much bigger from the last one I put up! He's kicking a lot more consistantly and a LOT stronger now, and he still likes to keep me up around 11:30pm while he kicks and plays. It's pretty constant now, I feel him at least a few times an hour, especially after eating or lying down, and J gets to feel him all the time. He saw my belly move from the kicking one night! I am happy that we haven't had to make a trip into the city for a couple weeks now for appointments. Making that drive every 2-3 weeks was getting tiring. My next appt. is August 5, which is still another 3 weeks away, and it will be nice to have a few weekends at home without having to go anywhere! I will be a day under 31 weeks then and get to enjoy the diabetes testing. I'm doing it later than usual, which is between 24-28 weeks. I am hoping to get an induction date at that appointment as well, so we know when to expect our little boy! I can't believe how fast the big day's coming, less than 3 months until we meet him! It seems like we have almost everything ready for his arrival, hopefully I'm not forgetting anything!