Thursday, July 15, 2010

An awesome feature in our new house

So since moving in a few weeks ago we are still getting used to the differences this house has compared to the rental. The best one so far is that the washing machine & dryer in the basement are directly under the main floor bathroom, and so you can hear perfectly if you're in either area. I was downstairs doing some laundry a couple days ago and (thanks, little Hunter!) let out the biggest, loudest fart! I finished loading the dryer and came upstairs, and asked J if he had heard me. He said yeah, clear as anything, because I was just in the bathroom when I did it, right? Nope honey, I was in the basement and you were sitting in the living room and heard the grossest fart clear as day from all the way across the house. Awesome!... Well at least now I know that can happen. Haha!

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