Saturday, August 21, 2010

33 Weeks! Baby boy is growing like a weed!

So we're down to 49 days til D-day! Hunter is doing GREAT, we got to see him on Thursday which was awesome (as usual) and watch him move and play in my tummy. I'm really going to miss feeling him move, but can't wait to see what he looks like and hold and kiss him! The ultrasound tech told us she could see hair on his head, so he appears to be NOT a baldie like I was! I wonder if it's blond, or brown... He's head down now so it was harder to see his face because he's in my pelvis. We got to watch him put his fist in his mouth and suck his thumb. His little cheeks moved as he sucked his tiny little thumb and he just looked so adorable! He's really gaining weight and filling out, J said he looks like he's got a little potbelly already! As of Thursday (32 weeks 5 days) his approximate weight was 4lbs, 12oz. So he's nearly 5lbs already, so much bigger than at the last u/s where he was only 1 1/3! He's right on track with how big he should be, actually 2-3 days bigger which is fine. I think he'll be between 7-8 when he comes out. J's afraid he'll be like 10!

I saw my blood Dr. as well and found out my blood thinner dose will be cut in half when I run out of my current dose, which will be the first week of September. Just a couple weeks until that happens. I can't believe it is nearly September! I'm going to Winnipeg every 2 weeks now and things are moving so fast. Anyways because a 'normal' pregnant woman at this point is usually anemic (or close to), and my iron levels are that of a normal healthy not-pregnant person, my Dr. wants to artificially bring those levels down below normal and make me a little bit anemic. So I'm going in for a phlebotomy every week until my numbers are low enough. Did the first of many yesterday and let me just say that if I have to do this every week my veins had better start cooperating better! It took 3 tries to get a good vein for the IV. The big needle in my elbow went smoothly as usual though. Just hope that yesterday's holes heal up before next Friday when I have the next one scheduled.

We're going to be pretty busy the next 7 weeks with appointments for phlebotomy, appointments for the baby, the childbirth class next month, and whatever else comes our way! Every week there's something to do and somewhere to go. Looking forward to our next appointment in Winnipeg where I find out about the hospital tour. 49 days and counting! I can't wait!

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