Wednesday, March 3, 2010

8 Weeks, 5 Days - Our Little One Will Have a Little Cousin!

I am so excited about this! We have been talking with J's sister in law the last couple weeks, and found out they started 'trying' just a few weeks after we did. Of course being that she and I are just a couple months apart in age, live a few blocks apart, and get along like gold, I was really hoping it would happen as quickly for them as it did for us, and have been anxiously awaiting her taking the test! Now I don't know how she held off but she could have tested about a week or more ago, but wanted to wait til her mom was in town visiting. So today was the day and she finally phoned and told us what we had already suspected: She's expecting, too! She is a few weeks behind me and will likely have her baby at the end of October or beginning of November. Her first U/S is on Friday already, and hopefully she will get the date confirmed then! Either way, I am super excited to go through this with her, and our little baby will have a little cousin close in age to grow up with and love!!! I can't wait, and am getting more and more excited for all this by the day!

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