Wednesday, March 17, 2010

10 Weeks, 5 Days - Feeling Great But Moody!

I can't believe I haven't come on here in 2 weeks! Seems like sometimes time is dragging on so slowly it takes forever for the next week to arrive, and other times it has gone by so fast... And I have yet to put up any tummy pics! (Or take any for that matter!)

Yes, I have been pretty short-tempered lately. I was thinking of coming on here last night to leave a nice rant about the awful needle I had given myself earlier, but figured I was in too poor a mood to do it. It was a bad shot. I tried a spot on the right, a few inches to the side of my belly button, which is a little further away than I normally like to inject it. But it was a nice unpoked patch of skin, so I figured it should work fine. It hurt like heck the whole time but I ignored it and finished up. Then a bit later I was scrubbing up in the shower and looked down because I felt a bump where the needle had gone in, and what do I see? A massive, angry looking black-purple bruise that was swollen and puffy and about 3 inches all around! Ouch! So I'm going to keep giving my shots a little closer to the belly button now. I'll get a picture of my lovely bruise before it fades, the swelling has gone away but it still hurts to touch. I hope I don't get too many more of those...

On the good side of things I'm feeling even better than before, absolutely not sick or nauseus for about a week now, and had a nice lunch today with Mom, Gramma and my Aunty. We chatted about lots of things and I was pleased to find out they want to get me the crib from Sears I picked out! YaY! We will be placing the order sometime next month after the next appointment and ultrasound. I can't wait because by then I'll be out of the first trimester already, and hopefully start getting more of a baby belly! I haven't gained any weight yet but it has started popping out slightly. I will need to get some better fitting clothes soon!

Anyhow can't think of much else from the last couple weeks. Went and picked up God of War 3 today, which is pretty SWEET! Hence the reason I am up typing this at nearly 2am. So goodnight world! I will get those pics up before another 2 weeks passes me by!

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