Wednesday, April 14, 2010

14 Weeks, 5 Days - Can't Wait for Tomorrow Morning!

Ack, I even had trouble getting to sleep last night over it! Tomorrow at 10:30am is another appt. with my awesome pregnancy doctor, and I can't wait to see the little one and see how much he/she has grown since 7 weeks ago! Maybe even get a 'guess' at the sex? It is still pretty early but a guess would be fun. I am feeling awesome and can't wait to get to the appt. tomorrow. Even if it means waiting in the waiting room an hour again and having to pee in a cup. Oh and also, we ordered our stroller last week and it should be arriving sometime today! If we're still at home that is, we will be leaving for the city in another hour or 2! So exciting!

We also ordered the crib and change table, the change table will be here this week and the crib will be another month. At least we did it with lots of time in advance! So things are starting to come together for us!

Also while we're in the city I will be taking advantage of the fact that there are ACTUAL maternity stors there. I am starting to outgrow most of my shirts and just 2 'mat' tops aren't cutting it anymore. Not even real mat shirts, just cute empire-style shirts that I had hoped would work. However since my belly has finally started to show these last couple weeks I find myself needing something more comfy! So I'm excited about that too!

Well I am sorry to make this short and sweet but I've gotta get working on lunch and packing stuff for tonight & tomorrow. Will be back soon with tomorrow's news and hopefully an adorable baby pic!

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