Thursday, April 29, 2010

16 Weeks 6 Days - Hope Baby Likes This Stroller as Much as I Do!

We finally got this shipped to us today!

After waiting for it to get through Customs for a week and a half, we picked it up this morning and J put it together on his lunch break! I LOVE this stroller! It's the Urban Advantage by gogobabyz, and it is perfect! It is sturdy, compact, turns on a dime, and best of all it is super cute. We liked the blue the best, regardless of whether we have a boy or girl. Compared to all of the strolers I tried out in stores, this one tops them all, which is awesome because I couldn't try this one before buying! The company's customer service is awesome, too. We were on the phone with the guy a few times because J's sis-in-law had ordered two of these, one for her and one for me, and they got theirs a week and a half ago, and ours never showed up! So we played phone tag with customer service for a few days until they tracked it down and it finally made its way to us. Not only were they great to deal with, but J called to ask about air-filled tires and how much $$ they would be to order, and the guy sent us out 2 sets totally free :) So we are thrilled to have nice tires on the way and so is sis-in-law about her free set!

We are now super excited to take the stroller to Winnipeg the weekend of May 9 so we can find out which infant car seat fits best onto it. It is so nice to have the big things on the way already, because baby will be here in a little over 5 months! May 10 is the next big day when we get our BIG ultrasound done to check the anatomy and hopefully find out if we've got a baby boy or sweet little girl! Just a week and a half away, can hardly wait!

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