Friday, May 28, 2010

21 Weeks - More than Halfway There!

Yay! We've got 19 weeks (or less!) until we meet Hunter, and can't wait!

We went to another appt. yesterday morning, just a checkup to see how things are going, we actually didn't even see the Dr but just the nurse, and got to hear the little man's heartbeat again. He must have been moving and shaking in there because we heard quite a few thumps and bumps, and his heartrate was 150, up from last time (140). I still can't feel a thing and that kind of disappoints me, I'm just hoping to be able to feel him by my next appt in 2 1/2 weeks. I will be a little over 23 weeks then and really can't wait to feel him kicking. Most people would have been feeling him already for nearly a month, but I suppose like his daddy he's stubborn and wants to make me wait as long as possible. He was really trying to get away from the doppler yesterday, I think he knows when people are looking for him in there!

Anyways altogether everything went great, and I found out I've only gained 4lbs so far (!). I had guessed it would be between 5-10lbs, not only 4! But I suppose I've been riding my bike pretty consistantly and that keeps it down too. I've lost a little weight in my face and legs, and really you can see the only place I've gained it is the little bump on my tummy! It's a cute little bump too! So hopefully things stay this way and I don't gain too much before October and don't get too many stretch marks. Right now I do have 2 little marks, one on either side of my belly button, that start quite high up. I really hope it doesn't get too much worse than that! Who knows, I guess we'll see what happens. I know it might happen but I don't have to like that part of it. But I'm doing my best to stay healthy and in shape so at least I'm doing all I can to give the best to my little boy!

Anyways I'm also thinking about the coming summer months and the fact that I need 300 more hours to qualify for maternity leave. 300 hours in the next 4 months is doable, but I don't think I will get it all from the daycare. If my shifts don't pick up I plan to get a part time job at either Bargain Shop, Fields, or even Co-Op to make up the hours I need. One way or another I will make it work out. It would be great to have that year's worth of paychecks (even if they're small), to help out.

Well blah. Not much else new besides that. Looking forward to my next ultrasound appt. on June 14 to see Hunter, and hopefully reconfirm that he's a he, and when I talk to my Dr. afterwards I hope to schedule my diabetes test for 2 weeks later on the 28th. I will be in again that day anyways to see my hematologist so I hope to get it all done in one trip. I've been going to the city so much lately, every 2-3 weeks, and it's such a long drive that I hope they will work with me to do things on the same day when possible. Here's to hoping!

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