Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Elusive Giggles

So two people love it when Hunter gets raspberries blown on his tummy. The one doing the blowing, and of course the little man himself! It's the only thing I've done that's gotten a giggle out of him so far. I can't wait to hear his laughs, hope that won't be too far off!

So little man is almost 4 months old! And things otherwise are about the same. I do love staying home and playing with him all day, and it's great that he's been napping a lot better lately too. He will take a 45 minute one in the morning or around noon, and usually 2 more in the afternoon that are about 40 minutes long each. And he's taking them in his bassinet which is great! Next step is to get him to nap in the crib, which will probably start this weekend!

Oh... and right about this time last year, Hunter was created... LOL! It's crazy to think just a year ago we didn't even know we would be meeting our little boy so soon!
In other news, our basement is finally getting finished. It'll be a lot of work still but it's coming along. We picked up the flooring and it looks great! My laundry room is almost done, and the rest is getting done bit by bit. Can't wait to see it when all is ready, we can pick out paint colors, furniture for the rec room, a big rug for in there too... Lots to look forward to!

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