Friday, November 20, 2009

Enjoying the Small Things

Well I have been super busy these past few weeks!

I've been working 3-4 days a week at the daycare, which is keeping me on my feet a lot and I just love waking up early and heading out for the 2-block bike ride to the building, breathing in the cool morning air to help me wake up a little more, and then spending a day getting paid to play with little kids! I am really loving it, well maybe not so much the diaper changing, but I always have so much fun at this 'job'!

As well as that J and I have been heading out most weekends to either go shopping, visit friends or family members out of town. Pretty much not a day goes by where we don't have something to do. I really love that I can be so busy now and not get super tired at the end of each day! I'm feeling awesome and haven't gotten a single cold yet this year (of course now that I've said that, you know it's got to happen).

I am so happy that the weather has been just amazing for being more than halfway through November. It's so warm that it feels like we are finally getting the summer that we missed a few months ago. No snow yet, and some days I can be at the daycare playground with no jacket on for hours just enjoying the sunshine and warmth. I know it's strange to have such a major heat wave for over a month now, and probably not a really good thing that we have so far no snow. But let's be honest: I am not a winter person! I hope it's this nice out till June, and then we get some real summer heat! Only thing I have yet to do this year that I would miss: Making a snow angel. I do it every winter!!!

Well that's about all that's new for now, so I think I'll get back to the gorgeous outdoors and enjoy the colors of the sun sinking down behind the trees and then come in to enjoy some hot chai tea!

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