Friday, October 30, 2009

National Cat Day :D

Now I can say I've written for the sole purpose of making a shoutout to my kitties!

Yesterday was National Cat Day (I just found out today however), and I just had to let them know the good news as soon as I got home from work this afternoon. So to Thor, Venus, Mouse and our foster kitten Oreo, today is your special day!

Thor and Venus are our oldest, a brother and sister who will be turning 4 on Dec 1st. We adopted them from a shelter and just guesstimated their birthday! They had 3 kittens together: Oscar, Chloe (later renamed Kiva by a new owner), and Bunny (who we later discovered was actually Buddy, a boy not a girl)!

We babysat Buddy for 2 months while his new owner was in Germany. In that time (while he was only about 6 months old!), he knocked up his mom and a month after he went home, she had his two babies Hugs and Mouse! Hugs went to the same owner as Buddy ended up with, and we kept Mouse. And his 2nd birthday was Sept 29!

Oreo was found wandering the streets all over town in early October, and we guessed she was around 6-8 weeks old. We took her in because she was too small to be left out in the cold since winter was on its way! Once she was eating better though, she's gotten bigger and fatter and has the glossiest fur of all of them. We still hope to find her another home before she gets much older though!

So this is our little kitty family. And this is my tribute to them for their very own Cat Day! Love ya guys!

(Please don't think of me as a crazy cat lady now, although I am crazy for these special guys! LOL)

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