Tuesday, February 2, 2010

4 Weeks, 3 Days - Already an Expensive Baby!

So, like the title says, we're just over a month in and already, little baby, you are getting pretty pricey!

Things are going very well. No morning sickness, no cravings, no anything really. Even the cramps and sore boobs are fading. I kind of liked having those because it helped let me know someone was growing in there. Now I've just got to go by my still absent period and sometimes an uncomfortable fullness in my tummy! So much for sleeping on my front. When I've tried to the last week or so it is either too uncomfortable so I turn over, or I actually fall asleep but later wake up on my back! Poor J, I must be tossing and turning all night and he tells me I've been snoring lots lately. At least I haven't been up to pee more than once a night (yet)!

I am switching to injectable blood thinners as of tonight. I will be on Fragmin, once a day til further notice. I am fine with needles so I don't think it will make a difference to inject it myself, we will see how the first one goes tonight.

The thing that hurts worse than the med itself is the cost of the med. Without coverage, it's $1200/month! That makes me feel more sick than the pregnancy so far! Of course, J has 'some' coverage from work. We pay the full cost upfront and get 80% back in 3-4 weeks. But seriously, who has fricking $1200 up front and the time to wait to get back $960, only to drop that plus an extra $240 for the next month again! And then continue doing it until September! Plus his plan has no 'cap' so we would always be paying that extra 20% for as long as I have to take it. This could really be fun. I am sending my application to Pharmacare today and a very nice gal there said she could process it in a day or two for me, but we'd still have to pay whatever the deductible is. I'm not sure how much that will be but I'm assuming that because we made quite a bit last year with J working pipelines, and the year before because we were both working fulltime jobs, it will be a couple thousand on its own. So again, where do we find that couple thousand to pay the damn deductible in the first place??? Well, we will probably get a small loan from the bank. I think that shouldn't be a problem because it's medical necessity. Still though, to go through all of this whwn I'm supposed to start the drugs TODAY, is pretty stressful. And of course, stress isn't good for a little 4 week 3 day old baby growing in my belly.

Well, one way or another, I'll be on that shot tonight. Can't risk letting anything happen to my little bug. Stay tough, little bug! I think you can see how badly Mommy and Daddy want you! Hang in there, it will get easier!


MWoehrle said...

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Robert said...

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Christina said...

Have you checked with your provincial coverage? My BC coverage covered Heparin but not Fragmin .But when I dug a bit deeper I found out there was a special form my peri could fill out and they ended up covering it for 6 weeks at a time!