Saturday, February 20, 2010

7 Weeks - Getting Impatient!

Well I am getting super eager for my appointment on the 25th. I think this will be a looooonnnnnng 5 days... Fortunately it's the weekend, time should go by quickly tomorrow, we leave Wednesday night, and then it's smooth sailing till Thursday morning! Right?!? Arggghhh!!!

On another note, I had to get blood taken out again yesterday. Just 2 weeks after the last time. So we went in and got hooked up and just poking the needle in made a bloody mess on and under my arm. That was gross! It was coming out fast, so fast actually that the nurse went out for a few minutes but J called her back in her pretty much immediately after she left, because the bag was full to bursting already! So I got in and out of the hospital within a half hour, a new record. However that wasn't the end of my hospital visit yesterday. We went to pick up something to drink on the drive home, and in the store my head spun and I nearly passed out! J took me back to the hospital room and I laid down for another hour or so, waiting to feel better and for the Dr. to check me over before we went home. He came in munching on a burger for lunch that smelled super tasty, and asked me a couple questions before leaving to finish his lunch and then return to check my reflexes and ears/eyes etc. What a doctor! I am lucky to have him though, he really is the best around and the most comfortable doc to be around. Anyways he asked how far along I was, 6 weeks 6 days, and was disappointed we didn't get to hear the heartbeat while I was in anyways. He said, no matter how awful I was feeling, hearing the heartbeat would have made it all better! It's too bad that will have to wait til another time! Well, here's hoping we will either see or hear this little one next week!

I really hope I don't continue to need blood taken out so often, it's not fun to have the huge needle stuck into my arm again before it's healed from the last time. And I don't think me nearly passing out again can be good for the baby... after that happened, all I wanted to do was sleep and I had a terrible headache! Well, we will see what the next blood test says in 2 more weeks! Until then I know I'll be antsy until Thursday, after which I will probably figure out another day to become impatient for!

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