Thursday, October 15, 2009

Today, a new life begins!

This morning I got a phone call 5 minutes before my alarm went off. It was J's younger brother's wife, with the news that J's older brother's wife just had their newest baby boy early in the morning! The baby was due either the day before or after my own birthday, the 22nd. So he arrived fast this morning, so fast that the little guy was born at home and delivered by his own daddy! I can just imaging how nervous he was! She had the baby, he delivered the baby, and that's really all the news I've heard so far. Congratulations, this little guy sounds like a real handful already!

I hope that when J and I are able to start our family it happens as smoothly as this. Chances are it won't, but I can't help but to hope. Such a huge difference from her going in labor at home in the early morning and home-delivering him an hour or two later, with no real complications. When it's my turn I hope it happens as quickly as that! I will have mine totally planned, monitored, and delivered on a preset date. Not to mention that I have to be on blood thinners the whole time, injecting myself every day so it won't harm the baby. I know it is still a bit of a wait till we have to start doing that, but I've already started taking prenatals. I hope that when we start trying, that it happens right away, I switch to injected thinners, and all goes to plan. It makes me wish it was as easy as J's sister in law had it this morning. But if it was that easy, I wouldn't have much of this unique experience to share with women with blood disorders, now would I?

I just hope that when J and I finally start our family that it goes to plan, and my doctors will continue to manage everything well, and that my baby will be healthy and happy. Even if it's a long way off, I have high hopes that we will have a little cousin for the boy who was born so suddenly this morning! And hopefully this time next year, I will be writing that this is actually what has happened! I can't believe that maybe, this time next year, we can finally be expecting our own little guy or gal! Here's to hoping!

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