Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another new adventure???

Ah yes, the day has come and gone where I was supposed to get my period. Yesterday in fact I should have gotten that visit. But I woke up yesterday and although I had stomach cramps all day long (which I've had for a week or more already, and can't figure out why), it still never came. Woke up today and still, it never came. So J and I figured we'd make a trip to the pharmacy and see if they sell pregnancy tests. They do, but even their 'cheapies' are nearly twice as much as they are in the city, an hour away! Oh well, we picked up 2 and went on our way.

Now I want to describe the last few weeks. It was great at our appointment on Jan 4 when we got the OK to get pregnant. So, we stopped preventing, but weren't particularly trying, either! I found a website that tracks your cycle and gives you the most likely days to conceive. My particular days were the 15,16, and 17th (a Friday, Sat. and Sun.). So we did some 'trying' before those dates, however didn't actually get the job done on those dates except one time on Friday the 15th at night. So... paid close attention to how I was feeling after that, trying to notice any changes that may indicate I was pregnant. Nothing. We didn't 'try' again till the 19&20th. And that's right around when I started getting stomach cramps. Every. Freaking. DAY.

So online I went to see what other women have felt as far as early symptoms go. Turns out cramping is a big one! Who knew? Then a few more days went by and my boobs were really sore and sensitive to everything, and I was picking fights with J for any little reason! Again, more symptoms. I still wanted to wait though until I was 'supposed to' get my period this weekend. So that has come and gone, and here we are. I wanted to wait til tomorrow morning to take the tests, because morning is the best time for it to be accurate. J, however, wanted to try one right away to see what would happen. So I tried one out. It is hard to explain that feeling of being super, super excited but scared at the same time! Finally the one minute was up and I took a peek.

You really can't mistake the 2 lines on them! And this is a cheapie, no-name brand too! So here's to my last day of sanity, let the craziness begin!

We made a few phone calls, J's mom was the first to find out and is pretty excited, although this won't be her first grandchild. My dad was the first on my side to find out and was really excited. We made his day, he said! Mom and my Aunty I could hear screaming in the background while on the phone with J. My sister was excited, then we called my Gramma and let her know too. For the most part though we want to keep it quiet, of course we're only a couple weeks in and have a long way to go what with starting the injections and everything else that goes along with this. I'm looking forward to all of it though. I want to enjoy everything I can.

Now I'm going to be pretty busy here, getting started with that ECE course soon and getting all my new prenatal appointments going, hopefully starting working fulltime in a couple months also, things will be pretty hectic. But I don't think I want it any other way! Look at the proud papa-to-be! (and try to ignore the goofy look on his face, he was doing an 'I'm the man!' kinda thing)

EEEEEK! I am sooooo excited about everything! The due date is apparantly Oct 9, and I am exactly 4 weeks along today (or 2 weeks, from the conception date). 36 weeks to go!

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